Episode 29 – Sylvia Perkins – Growing up in Branham Tabernacle (Part 1)

Off The Shelf
Off The Shelf
Episode 29 - Sylvia Perkins - Growing up in Branham Tabernacle (Part 1)

Sylvia Perkins attended Branham Tabernacle as a child.  She was in a myriad of William Branham’s services and even watched TV with Joseph Branham, the youngest of the Branham children.

She was at the funeral of William Branham and attended Lee Vayle’s church for 18 years following the William Branham’s death.  She was at the opening of the opening of the cornerstone of Branham Tabernacle after it was struck by a car and saw what it contained.  She even had an interview with William Branham and he told her she was a prophetess.

Join Bryan and Rod as they discuss the many astounding things that Sylvia had the opportunity of seeing.  We know you will be as surprised as we were at the many revelations and insights into the life and ministry of William Branham.

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38 Replies to “Episode 29 – Sylvia Perkins – Growing up in Branham Tabernacle (Part 1)”

  1. Very eye opening to say the least. Branham called out people he knew and then acted like he never met them?! How could someone be so deceitful?

    1. Interesting question… we can’t know his motivation but simply point people to the fact that he was not honest and that he didn’t have any real prophecies that we have been able to locate.

      The important thing is for people to stop following Branham and simply follow Christ.

        1. The called out believers are those who have accepted salvation through Jesus Christ and the finished work of the Cross of Calvary.

        1. Sorry, but God did not send WMB. He made himself out to be a prophet. The problem is that he has no real prophecies so he cannot be considered a prophet.

    2. Let me open yours eyes, blind people,that’s what the pharisees were saying about The Lord Jesus . it’s the same spirit, we not following Br Branham, we following the Lord Jesus Christ.The people on the prayer line, some if he knew them, he would openly say, I know the person, but I don’t know what is wrong with the person and just pray for them, these that he didn’t know, he would openly say, he doesn’t know the person, and the person would also say openly, you don’t know me, and Bro Branham would discern the person even saying their names and addresses . Now about you who attended services at Branham terbanacle, it doesn’t mean now you can say these things,and we can be shaken, no, we are not shaken, it shows you didn’t have the revelation.

      1. He got the name and address from the prayer cards. Why do you think he made the people fill them out? He appears to have been a fraud.

  2. It was not only William Branham that dropped things like crosses into the cornerstone, I recall that he said a Catholic did too.

    1. Kinda hard to believe her story satan loves to use women some will be thrown off by this just like when Jesus said eat my body and drink my blood Jesus will never put up a site like this you all can’t save nobody by looking for faults of William bra ham God does the election the elect can never be deceived

      1. Sadly, if you are following William Branham, you are deceived. He failed the test of Deut 18:20-22 because of his failed visions. He failed the test because of his lies in the light of Titus 1:7. Details are here if you are interested.

          1. You did not answer my question the bible plainly said John will turn the hearts of the children to the fathers who fulfill the other part you not making any sense William bra ham was just a man he made mistakes like me and you but God gave him a message you don’t have to beleive it God doesn’t care about what you say maybe you already cross the line

          2. You did not read the link to our article which ANSWERS your question. God did not give WMB a message. WMB held himself out to be a prophet and God took him off the earth for acting presumptuously in direct contravention to Deut 18:20-22. We do not judge him a false prophet, the word of God does!

          3. Your explanation of Malachi 4 gives me a headache
            Trying to understand you are really deceived Luke 1:17 John only fulfill turn the hearts of the father to the children not turn hearts of children to fathers he only fulfill the first part who fulfill the other part

          4. John let me make it VERY simple for you.

            William Branham stated that John the Baptist fulfilled Malachi 3 but did not fulfill Malachi 4.

            However, Jesus told his disciples, referring to John, that “if you are willing to accept it, he is Elijah, who is to come.” (Matt 11:14)

            The problem is that there is only one reference to Elijah in Malachi, and that is in Malachi 4. So how could William Branham’s interpretation that John did not fulfill Malachi 4 be correct if Jesus specifically referred to John the Baptist as Elijah, a direct reference to Malachi 4?

            There are no more Elijah’s after John. John the Baptist was Elijah according to Jesus. End of story.

      2. @john dolabaille, that is a dumb characterisation of women. There are many instances where Satan used a lot of men, in fact to many by comparison; Judas, Caiphus, Balaam, Ahab … (keep going). Have you been so perverted so much that that is your attitude and view of women? Why not take a leaf out of the 4 gospels and at least learn the attitude of the saviour himself of women and maybe you could come out right. He is the ONLY example we should follow!

  3. I disagree with Sylvia completely. She did not know William Branham @ all in the name of prophet. Also she misunderstands the prophet accounts on the cloud. William Branham had his memory sparked when he saw the pic in the life magazine. It happens a lot of times with people that are gifted in visions and dreams. The bible states how we know and prophecy in part. Also all man make mistakes, doctors, drivers, pilots, pastors, prophets. The damage is in line with what one does.

  4. We are living in the days of son of God instead of different prophets. Heb.1:1-2.
    We can’t proceed on others revelation.

  5. Just to balance your broadcasts, why don’t you look for people who received their healing. It is highly unlikely that all those people over the many years were deceived. You are clearly on a mission to discredit and why the animosity?

    1. We would love to have someone come on our podcast. We have extended an invitation to any reputable message minister to discuss with our audience exactly why people should follow the message. However, we have had no takers to date. Perhaps you could put someone in touch with us.

  6. She dont believe the supernatural even if someone raises from the dead she will never believe. This also happened to Jesus they never believed him up to today. You can clearly hear the motives of her testimony just sore seeds of discord.May the God lord help you

  7. John did not come in the great and dreadful day of the lord when Jesus came the first time that was a joyful time salvation came for us his second coming will be many dreadful events for who get left behind

    1. You are ignorant of history! Do you know what happened in A.D. 70? Was that a joyful time?

      Look at Matt 24:34 34 Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.

      Jesus spoke that and it all came to pass within 40 years. Jerusalem and the Temple were destroyed! You don’t have a clue what you are talking about.

  8. I’m at a loss, how some people wouldn’t trust or believe anyone and expect others to believe them.
    Will some of these Bro. Branham’s critics tell me who are the 7 stars, angels of the 7 chuches?
    Rev. 1: 20 KJV refs;
    Their names, works, the ages.
    The 7th angel.
    His message.
    When he would come and to whom?
    Rev. 10: 7 KJV refs; But in the days of the voice of the 7th angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.
    Who is this angel, messenger?
    When does he come?
    What mystery does he come to reveal?
    Has the angel come?
    Is he yet to come?

  9. It is very interesting when WMB message followers get into defence mode with no facts. Here is a testimony of someone telling it as it was and was with your prophet… and here are the blind followers trying to use WMB quotes to defend WMB??

    Very eye opening to note that WMB called out people he knew and then acted like he never met them. Here is someone telling us that they know instances where WMB called people he knew and you discredit her just because you want to uphold a false prophet.

    Only Jesus will set these people free from the CULT. Cults have strong influences.

    God bless you Sylvia Perkins…

    Thanks Rod and crew.. you are doing a great job and people are being freed.

  10. How old was sis Sylvia when she attended the meetings? Bro Joseph’s age? Was she born in 1955? Probably around 10 years old at the time bro Branham passed away? Bro Edmund Way died in the meeting in 1963. That makes her 7-8 years old at that time. She was very young during the years of bro Branhams meetings … Is this worth mentioning?

    1. Good question. Sylvia was a precocious child who ended up having a one on one interview with William Branham. Additionally, she would have been privy to ALL of the conversations of adults that were discussing what happened to Edmund Way. She was in the meeting and, certainly, to a child someone screaming in the middle of a service would catch their attention and cause them to be afraid. Fear is one of the best memory anchors that exists. Our clearest memories are of times we are frightened. So I do think her comments are relevant.

  11. Thank you for your all your hard work to provide us the truth about this cult thru your videos, podcasts and website.

    Please do not feel discouraged, I have been viewing, reading your material in a disguised way but I am about to leave my message church where I am a minister.

    I am pretty sure there are thousands of people feeding from your material in a disguising, leaving no likes or comments fearing persecution.

    Some of them are scared to do the next step and leave completely because they may still feel it will be wrong, but eventually they will all leave.

    Again, your work is greatly appreciated. I wish I had the guts you have to step up.

    Almost my whole family has been affected by this cult, all divided and shunning each other. It’s horrible. I cry one day they will be out of this.

    Thanks again

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