Episode 30 – Sylvia Perkins – My Years in the Message (Part 2)

Off The Shelf
Off The Shelf
Episode 30 - Sylvia Perkins - My Years in the Message (Part 2)

This is part 2 of our interview with Sylvia Perkins.  Sylvia attended Branham Tabernacle as a child.  She was in a myriad of William Branham’s services and even watched TV with Joseph Branham, the youngest of the Branham children.

She was at the funeral of William Branham and attended Lee Vayle’s church for 18 years following the William Branham’s death.  She was at the opening of the opening of the cornerstone of Branham Tabernacle after it was struck by a car and saw what it contained.  She even had an interview with William Branham and he told her she was a prophetess.

Join Bryan and Rod as they discuss the many astounding things that Sylvia had the opportunity of seeing.  We know you will be as surprised as we were at the many revelations and insights into the life and ministry of William Branham.

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2 Replies to “Episode 30 – Sylvia Perkins – My Years in the Message (Part 2)”

  1. absolute baloney on Edmund Way, my english pastor had EW and his wife stay with them during the 70’s in england and he maintained his testimony and stayed true to the message and believed the prophet. How his bad attitude CHANGED after his death experience. He had told WMB that the diagnosis in his hand was wrong about him after the interview he was given before the death experience. He later became a missionary in Israel.

    1. Edmund Way came to visit our church as well. But there was absolutely NOTHING in his testimony that could differentiate what happened to him from simply passing out due to the heat.

      It is also interesting to note that WMB mentioned him in the sermon just before the incident occurred. It is reasonable to conclude that self-consciousness from the attention from the audience plus the heat in the auditorium caused him to collapse in a faint.

      This is not like the case in the Bible where the individual was dead for a while and Jesus, Peter or Paul prayed for them and they came to life.

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