Episode 28 – Were some Christians required to believe Satanic doctrine to be saved?

Off The Shelf
Off The Shelf
Episode 28 - Were some Christians required to believe Satanic doctrine to be saved?

Did you you know that William Branham taught that some Christians were required to believe Satanic doctrine in order to be saved?   This podcast outlines William Branham’s teaching on the subject with direct quotes from his sermons.

This number 10 (and the last) in our summer series of podcasts that we have entitled “Summer Shorts”.   They are only 5-10 minutes long… just enough to get you thinking about something that you might not have thought about.

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Music – A Mighty Fortress Is Our God  by Chris Rice (written by Martin Luther)   – from Peace Like A River: The Hymns Project – available from Amazon

2 Replies to “Episode 28 – Were some Christians required to believe Satanic doctrine to be saved?”

  1. As always an excellent source of truth, Rod and company.

    Paul wrote to Timothy stating “without controversy, great is the mystery of godliness, He/Theos/Spirit (God is spirit) was manifested in the flesh”. Paul said the things he wrote and taught came by the revelation of Jesus Christ and this specific revelation cannot be debated which unveils the most profound display of godliness or god-likeness in human form.

    The Word of his invisible being/Spirit was manifested/unveiled as a fleshly man. The visible flesh man, Jesus, made possible the invisible glory and nature of his person, Theos, to be displayed on earth without measure.

    Jesus speaks of this unlimited authority when he said “All power has been given to me in heaven and in earth” speaking of both the invisible and visible dimensions which distinctly define the perfect tri-unity/multi-dimensional God-head; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The visible persona of Jesus revealed the fullness of the God-head/divine nature bodily, as a fleshly man. This single phenomena documented in the 4 gospels had never manifested before nor would ever repeat.

    Paul said this supreme divine invisible nature/persona and glory was made visible in human form. The great mystery the apostle speaks of and reveals is simply the invisible deity nature manifested visibly in flesh and vindicated by the Spirit.

    John said “That which was from the beginning (the invisible Word persona) which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes (the visible Word persona), which we have looked upon, which we have handled, the Word of life”.

    Theos was in anointed messiah reconciling the world to himself.

    Message people stand in fear of the word “trinity” or “tri-unity”, and rightfully so as orchestrated by WB. One of their most foolish exclamations states “the word trinity is not found in the Bible”. Interesting. Many words are not in the Bible; America, 21st century, president, car, Jeffersonville, Arizona, and Branham to mention a few. Yet, they insert what words they need to validate their claims.

    As you stated, WB’s teaching on the God-head ran in every direction. Lee Vayle further complicated the issue with his heresy.

    I submit that Thomas summed up this great mystery of the invisible tri-unity personi made visible. After touching the scars in the flesh of the resurrected Jesus he said “My Lord and my God”. Amen.

  2. Wow. Lightbulb moment… I don’t even know what to say. Only ONE reference of Elijah… that first sentence of the book of Malachi… phew, God help us.

    Cheers Rod

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