Episode 85 – The Serpent’s Tail (Part 2)

Off The Shelf
Off The Shelf
Episode 85 - The Serpent's Tail (Part 2)
Why would you ever give this to your child?

In this episode, Rod continues his interview with Deborah Daulton Thibodeau. Her story is chronicled in “The Serpent’s Tail”, which Deb has authored. The book is published by Adelaide books is available directly from the publisher or from Amazon.

The transcript of our podcast is available to download:

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  1. Hi Deborah, I just finished reading your book. Wow unbelievable story of your childhood. I’m not sure I would have come out as well as you did. Thanks for writing it. I think your story will help many people realize how words can affect people especially children. Especially the words coming from a so called leader/prophet and the damage it has done to many. I grew up in a strange church too in CT. Eventually the leader/2nd prophet to Branham was murdered by a church member when I was 16 yrs old but they carried on with other weird leaders and it’s still going on. I left that church when I was 18 but started attending another message church 4 yrs later for a couple of yrs then didn’t go anywhere for 12 yrs until my brother started a church and went there for 15 yrs. Several years ago after moving far away from any message churches (job related) I started searching what others have been searching and got out of the message. It took me awhile to go to a regular Christian church because of being brainwashed that they were the antichrist but I’m going to a really nice church. Do you go to church anywhere and was it hard for you to attend a non message church?

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