Episode 84 – The Serpent’s Tail – Abuse in the Park

Off The Shelf
Off The Shelf
Episode 84 - The Serpent's Tail - Abuse in the Park
The Park

In this episode, Rod interviews Deborah Daulton Thibodeau, the youngest daughter of Ed Daulton. Her story is chronicled in “The Serpent’s Tail”, which Deb has authored. The book is published by Adelaide books and is available on Amazon and directly from Adelaide Books.

In the summer of 1962, about sixty members of several large extended families moved across country seeking a place away from the world to wait for the rapture. They were driven by William Branham’s comments that Rapture was at hand.

They settled in the Pine Lawn Trailer Park (the “Park”) in Prescott, Arizona. They were led by William Branham’s “tape boys”, Leo Mercer and Gene Goad, who had been close friends since college.  Ed Daulton asked William Branham about the planned move and he said at first that he shouldn’t go. Later he changed his mind and said that they should go – “I see it come out alright in the end.”

If William Branham was a prophet, how could he promote a sexual predator and abuser of young children to the position of authority at the Park. Where was his discernment? How could he describe the physical, emotional, psychological and sexual abuse of children as something that comes out “alright in the end?”

The transcript of our podcast is available to download:

9 Replies to “Episode 84 – The Serpent’s Tail – Abuse in the Park”

  1. Boa muito a Intrevista que Rod fez.
    Eu sinto muito pelos momentos que Deborah Thibodeau passou nas mãos desses doentes e pervertidos.
    É bom saber que faz muitos anos que ela tá livre desses monstros.
    Bom trabalho Rod Bergen que você fez.

  2. Was anyone ever punished by the law for the horrible abuse that was done to the children in this place?

    1. No, the children have been silent for 48 years. Leo Mercier is dead, back in 1987. His end was not a good one. It took so many years for all of us to sort out our confusion and guilt. In truth the law and prosecution are never what I wanted or sought, I wanted peace in my heart and soul. It has taken all of my 60 years to achieve that.

  3. Absolutely shocking at the end there. Can’t wait for the next episode. Thanks Deb for the courage to speak up on the abuses that happened.

  4. I have been listening to all the Episodes on Off the Shelf.I’m so glad and excited to see people that have come out of the message telling their story.It’s time to expose this destructive cult and be praying for our families and friends that are still in it.

  5. I have come across your book while researching John Dowie, William Branham, and several other names connected to both men and various doctrines related to the “Latter Rain” and Pentecostal doctrine.

    In my readings, I see the sincerity of many people caught up in these patterns that are replicated to varying degrees from the experiences of people in these communes and other authoritarian-type Churches.
    As I am sure you are aware, “sincerity” is found in many people in many groups that believe in their cause with all their hearts, but some still have horrible things done to them, and sometimes sincere people do it to others.

    How do you see other preachers and churches that believe in many of the same things Branham did but just not as radical in some other areas?
    Many churches have their “prophets” today who claim healing and the ability to speak for God.

  6. oh my god Im 16 years old, terrified, scared, and i want out of this. somebody help. i need someone to talk to.

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