Episode 27 – William Branham’s visit to the graves of Buddha, Confucius and Muhhamad

Off The Shelf
Off The Shelf
Episode 27 - William Branham's visit to the graves of Buddha, Confucius and Muhhamad

William Branham stated on several occasions that he had visited the graves of Muhammad, Buddha and Confucius.  But did he?  We looked at the issue to determine whether William Branham actually visited these famous graves.

I think you will be surprised at what we found… well, maybe not if you’ve been listening to our podcasts.

This podcast is number 9 in our summer series of podcasts that we are calling “Summer Shorts”.   They are only 5-10 minutes long… just enough to get you thinking about something that you might not have thought about.

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4 Replies to “Episode 27 – William Branham’s visit to the graves of Buddha, Confucius and Muhhamad”

  1. Funny enough Rod, the tomb of Muhammad itself cannot be seen as the area is cordoned off by a gold mesh and black curtains. As per Islamic tradition, the tomb itself is not embellished or decorated and is two cubits high. The tomb is marked by an austere green dome above it, built by the Ottoman Turks, which was once white in color. This dome has become universally emblematic of both Muhammad himself, as well as the city of Medina.

    WMB simply thought he can say what he wants and it gets accepted (he didn’t do any basic research himself).. and there is people who still take his word regardless of the facts…… two words “Cognitive dissonance”

  2. In the clip WMB said he visited the graves of many philosophers –is this true? He also said he went to the graves of most all the founders of a religion — is this true??

    1. We cannot find any indication that he visited any of the graves that he said he visited, primarily because he never went to China and he never visited Saudi Arabia.

  3. In the mythology of Mohammad’s ascension, the angel Gabriel appeared to him with Abraham’s white-winged horse named Burak which literally means white horse. The complete account is documented in The Bokhari, volume 15, page 3615.

    This is the only reference of Mohammad to a white horse I can locate.

    The history of WB’s embellished and fabricated accounts are horrific. The mountainous stack of contradictions and discrepancies are unnerving. I was told recently by a WB follower that the discrepancies and contradictions did not distract from the message; they were just filler.

    WB did reference the word filler in his message. So let us get this straight. As long as the message was vindicated, lies, embellishment, contradictions, discrepancies, failed prophesies, and misquoting scripture were just filler.

    Therefore, message vindication equals no accountability to scriptural integrity and void of a moral code of truth and credibility.

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