Episode 11 – An interview with Careyann M.

Off The Shelf
Off The Shelf
Episode 11 - An interview with Careyann M.

Careyann M. was raised in the message and has seen more than her share of the bizarre things that the message has to offer.  In this episode, Careyann discusses her time in the message and some of the strange things she experienced.  To be fair, not all people in the message experience the things that Careyann did but the strange sub-cults are definitely there to be found.

Some of the issues she discusses include:

  • The failure of message ministers to stand against abortion;
  • Growing up as a girl in the message;
  • The treatment of women in the message;
  • Examples of William Branham’s hypocrisy;
  • Steven Shelley and Ezekiel’s Wheel;
  • Donald Parnell and the Third Testament Millennium sub-cult;
  • The Returned Ministry sub-cult.

Careyann’s website – Message Mysteries Unraveled

Song – Confused by Dean Martin, from The Capital Recordings, Vol 5 (1954) – see album

3 Replies to “Episode 11 – An interview with Careyann M.”

  1. WMB said a baby in the womb was nothing but twitching muscle (I think that is the quote) which would be a good excuse for an abortion but did WMB ever actually say abortion was OK? Do any Message Believers agree with the pro-choice movement? Do any HAVE abortions? (they may keep it a secret!)

    1. I think that most message believers would think abortion is wrong but they don’t have particularly strong feelings about it. I don’t know any Message followers that are pro-choice.

  2. Br. Roy carpenter did believe in return branham ministry. And br. Baker who was or is now associated with VOG perhaps pushed and influenced br. Joseph branham to such message doctrine. Who the diocese of branham tabernacle was not much interested.

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