Episode 10 – An interview with James Rozak (Part 3)

Off The Shelf
Off The Shelf
Episode 10 - An interview with James Rozak (Part 3)

Join Rod and Bryan in part 3 of their interview with James Rozak, the author of the Morning Mercy website.

James Rozak was the Associate Pastor of Edmonton Word Assembly for 10 years, serving alongside Eugene Braun. James believed and preached the message as best he knew.

But in February of 2013, the unthinkable happened and James made a decision with his wife to leave the message of William Branham.

In this last part of the interview, James discusses:

  • How MorningMercy.com started and how it got its name.
  • Fear and phobia in the message.
  • James answers a question that was sent to us by one of our listeners.
  • The creeds and dogmas of the message.
  • Legalism and anti-nomianism.
  • Why people have problems leaving the message.

The question that one of our listeners asked was this:

I noticed that our minister almost every week at least mentions once that women should wear a long skirt, shouldn’t have any makeup or cut their hair in any shape or form. And often he adds: “Well you can hate me for telling you these things, but then you must hate god’s prophet too, cause he told it first.”

It sounds as if he is feeling that there is something wrong with these regulations, so he tries to protect himself by saying: “Hey, it’s not my fault that you have to suffer because of these rules!”

Can you talk about similar experiences you [had]? I would appreciate it if you could do a whole podcast on this topic! What does the Bible tell us according to these things??

Referenced websiteMorningMercy.com is a resource for former followers of William Branham and contains encouragement from the perspective of an ex-message follower.

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    1. This comment is a bit mystifying… what truth are you talking about? We acknowledge the truth of scripture so you appear to be making a statement about the message. However, we have shown that it is not the truth. For those that are interested, click here to see our proofs. Just read a question and then click on it to find our research on that issue.

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