Episode 76 – Pastor Jeff Jenkins – 7 Years Later (Part 2)

Off The Shelf
Off The Shelf
Episode 76 - Pastor Jeff Jenkins - 7 Years Later (Part 2)

Jeff Jenkins was the pastor of Believers Christian Fellowship in Lima, Ohio for almost 33 and a half years. In part 2 of our interview, we talk about what has surprised him most since he left the message.

– Our first interview with Pastor Jeff
– Jeff Jenkins discusses the 1963 Arizona Cloud

The following is a transcript of the podcast:

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  1. I had been unaware that you now have a podcast and just listened to all the episodes featuring Jeff. I had sort of wondered if he’d mention me leaving before he did, but he didn’t. I actually left just a few months before he did and I’ve always wondered if that was a factor in his decision. I had to do a meeting in his office with him and my husband about my decision and it was an incredibly difficult experience.

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