Episode 58 – An interview with message follower C. Jay Cox (Part 2)

Rod continues his conversation with Jay Cox, a follower of William Branham.  In this second part, they discuss whether William Branham made any real prophecies.  Their discussion includes:

Music – Freedom by Josh Garrels from the album Underquiet – available from Josh Garrels website.

One Reply to “Episode 58 – An interview with message follower C. Jay Cox (Part 2)”

  1. I’m sorry but C. Jay Cox is wrong when he says “world war 2 did not start until we (USA) got involved”. A simple Wikipedia reference will tell you that “It is generally said that the war began on 1 September 1939, the day of the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany and the subsequent declarations of war by France and the UK.” USA did not get involved on this day unless I am missing something.

    Now WMB initially mentioned that Roosevelt will CAUSE the WHOLE world to go to war. But eventually said Adolf Hitler did “…an Austrian name adolf Hitler…”. To me it sounds like a shift in the claim there.

    Now C. jay also claims that it sounds to him like WMB is saying Roosevelt will DRAG us to war. That is not what it sounds like. WMB is clear from the quote that Roosevelt will CAUSE the WHOLE world (not just the US) to go to war. That is not just dragging the US to war, it sounds like CAUSING the war…. very different things.

    But since it is an on going series I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt hoping he redeemed himself by some clarifications.

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