Episode 57 – An interview with message follower C. Jay Cox (Part 1)

Off The Shelf
Off The Shelf
Episode 57 - An interview with message follower C. Jay Cox (Part 1)

Listen to Jay Cox, a message follower, in a conversation with Rod Bergen, a former message believer.  In this first part, they discuss what it means to be a follower of William Branham; where Jay places himself in the world of the message and the types of prophecies that William Branham made.

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10 Replies to “Episode 57 – An interview with message follower C. Jay Cox (Part 1)”

  1. Finally someone brave to come on. To be fair he did not have the chance to fully answer the last last question. It would be interesting to hear his response to the ‘Balaam’ question with regard to Deuteronomy 13 – prophet who prophesies something and it comes to pass but leads to other gods. God bless you.

    1. Thanks for listening. Our conversation actually went on for 2 hours so there will be 4 half hour segments to this interview.

  2. Hat’s off to Jay, everyone must try their belief as gold tried in fire.
    I like to address one of the statements in which William Branham said about the brown bear. He said he failed but God didn’t. Moses failed to Tap The Rock and instead he hit the rock. Moses was punished.”But” God made it come to pass what Thus saith the Lord promised anyway. The Israelites got water out of the rock. What should have happened is that William Branham “while under the same type of circumstances” (command from God ) failed to do his part. Ģod still would have made it come to pass if He said it would happen. Whether a true prophet obeyed or not. Otherwise it makes God not able to fulfill His promise.
    By the way King Hezekiah still died and it wasn’t that much longer. God can work within the Realms of his prophecies but he never deviate from the original statement. It’s impossible for William Branham to kill a brown bear at this date. He’s gone and it would be unscriptural for him to come back and do it. What would it prove. To bring the people that follow his message or his teachings from his church to bring them all into heaven. As like a leader. Joshua in the Old Testament brought the natural people into the natural land. Jesus is another name for Joshua. And that Joshua is the only one who could bring us into spiritual Promised Land. I hope all the very best.
    P.S Wish you were on more.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Gary. I agree with you. The only reason that message followers can’t follow your clear thinking is because of cognitive dissonance. Their brains won’t accept the truth.

      We would love to go back to the weekly format but at this time, things are just too busy.

  3. Rod, I contacted you a year or two ago to be on your podcast. I am still a message believer my name is Jason Keith and I contacted you to be on your podcast. I think that your comment and you’re chuckling about how nobody would want to talk to you that is still on the message is very disingenuous

    1. Please be careful when you make accusations. I sent you an email in March and never received a response. That would make your accusation baseless, would it not? Additionally, I am not inclined to engage in conversations with any random person in the message. My preference is to engage with someone that is either a message minister or a message follower that has taken the time to build a public platform. C. Jay Cox has put himself out on the internet with an apologetics podcast. You stated in a message to me that you were interested in taking a different approach to discussing the message on our podcast. I sent you an email requesting that you detail your approach. I never received a response.

  4. After completing the podcast you had with Jay, I realize that I would never come on your show because it would infuriate me because I felt like I was dealing with Rush Limbaugh

    1. My conversation with Jay Cox went on for the better part of 2 hours. Please wait for parts 2, 3 and 4 which are coming up in the next few months. Jay had plenty of time to respond and, in fact, did respond at length. Wait for it…

    2. Jason Keith,
      If that is how you felt after listening to podcast with J. Cox, why are you accusing Rod of being disingenuous? Sounds like hypocrisy to me. Besides, what is disingenuous is you getting easily “infuriated” as this shows a lack of proper basis for factual argumentation—certainly something not worthwhile for a podcast.

      As Rod has stated already, he’s not looking to debate every Jack and Harry who ‘thinks’ they have an argument—he’s engaged with them all as internet if full of them. He’s made it clear that he wants the so called big guns (ministers and/or pastors or someone with a following) are you that? Clearly NO, so boy bye.

      1. First of all I would like to apologize to you Rod for such a statement, especially in a public forum. Thank you Robson for taking me to task. I deserved that.
        While only having listened to the first podcast, I should have waited to form an opinion…I have since started listening to some of the young man’s YouTube videos from the link you provided.

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