Episode 24 – The significance of a seven-lettered name

William Branham stated that there was significance in names name ending in H-A-M.  It was also significant that Billy Graham’s name was six letters, the number of a man, but Branham was 7 letters, which was perfection.   Really?  

William Branham also stated that his ministry and Billy Graham’s were the only worldwide ministries of anyone with a name ending in H-A-M.  But he obviously did not know about Frank Boreham.

This podcast is part 6 in our summer series of short podcasts that we are calling “Summer Shorts”.   They will only be 5-10 minutes… just enough to get you thinking about something that you might not have thought about.   Some may be the two of them, while others may just be solo.

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  1. Bramham was very narcissistic. He was the center of his own universe. I have found most of what he said to be in error.

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