Episode 24 – The significance of a seven-lettered name

Off The Shelf
Off The Shelf
Episode 24 - The significance of a seven-lettered name

William Branham stated that there was significance in names name ending in H-A-M.  It was also significant that Billy Graham’s name was six letters, the number of a man, but Branham was 7 letters, which was perfection.   Really?  

William Branham also stated that his ministry and Billy Graham’s were the only worldwide ministries of anyone with a name ending in H-A-M.  But he obviously did not know about Frank Boreham.

This podcast is part 6 in our summer series of short podcasts that we are calling “Summer Shorts”.   They will only be 5-10 minutes… just enough to get you thinking about something that you might not have thought about.   Some may be the two of them, while others may just be solo.

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3 Replies to “Episode 24 – The significance of a seven-lettered name”

  1. Bramham was very narcissistic. He was the center of his own universe. I have found most of what he said to be in error.

  2. Frank William Boreham stated:

    “A man makes more noise in clearing snow off his front path than the sun makes in melting a million tons of it. God is so wonderfully silent because he is so wonderfully active”. F. W. Boreham, The Whisper of God.

    I propose that WB made such a noise in creating his own path of righteousness in brow beating the people while God continues to work in multitudes of human hearts silently unveiling the message of the cross as the stain of sin washes away.

    Jesus Christ has had more impact on the world than any other. His name did not end in H-A-M nor had seven letters. After leaving the message in 1992, I have continually realized the personal attraction WB generated and nurtured in soliciting followers. I cannot find a parallel in scripture.

    Think back on the messages we heard, week after week, year after year, where ministers hammered away with Bro. Branham said, Bro. Branham said. I recall the last few years before my message exit, I would feel a sickness in my gut to just hear his name repeated.

    This is not shared out of disrespect or hatred for Bro. Branham. I only point to the truth of loathing the perpetual Branham mantra.

    The last few years of preaching I deliberately refrained from using quotes and WB’s name and just preached the scripture. I was continually asked if I was still in the message. I suddenly understood the name of Jesus (English 5 letters) and scriptural preaching was an uncertain sound to message followers.

    1. Translation: Hello, I just read all your madness manifested towards the promise of God And I have the trouble for you to know that you have not understood anything of what is Brother BRANHAM nor less of God, even worse of the Bible. Larry Lewis, you just let your spiritual amnesia know when you left the message and I hope you fill it in there, they find you really spiritual, do not you really laugh while reading your comment you and the site make you laugh anyway. I have a question for you: Tell me is there really a true Prophet in the Bible? If yes, who? How? and or ? Then discern this with WILLIAM MARRION BRANHAM and pull in the Conclusion! If you can not see your degree of sickness then expect nothing more than death!

      Original text: Bonjour, je viens de lire toutes votre folie manifestée vis à vis de la promesse de Dieu Et j’ai la peine pour vous de savoir que vous avez rien compris du tout de ce qui est Frère BRANHAM ni moins de Dieu , encore pire de la Bible . Larry Lewis tu as juste fait savoir ton amnésie spirituelle en quittant le message et j’espère que tu en fais plein les poches là bas là tu es , ils te trouvent vraiment spirituel n’est ce pas , vraiment tu fais rire en lisant ton commentaire , toi et le site vous faites rire en tout cas . J’ai une question à vous poser :Dites moi y a t-il vraiment un vrai Prophète Dans La Bible ? Si oui , qui ? Comment ? et où ? Ensuite Discerner cela avec WILLIAM MARRION BRANHAM et tirez en la Conclusion ! Si Vous arrivez pas à voir votre dégréer de la Maladie alors ne vous attendez plus à rien , sinon qu’à la mort !

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