Episode 89 – Charles Paisley – Another minister leaves the message

Off The Shelf
Off The Shelf
Episode 89 - Charles Paisley - Another minister leaves the message

Charles Paisley was born into the message and was raised in Faith Assembly Church in Clarksville, Indiana where Junior Jackson was the pastor. Charles became assistant pastor of the church in the years after Raymond Jackson died. He has traveled international and has visited dozens of message Churches.

His family has been in the message for decades and attended the Branham tabernacle while William Branham rather was still living. Charles personally knew and has been acquainted with many witnesses of William Braham’s life and ministry, including personal friends and acquaintances who knew William Branham all the way back to the 1930’s.

Charles is currently a minister at The Gospel Church of Jeffersonville, Indiana, where he is working with other former message believers and former message ministers to help people find community and support as they leave the message.

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4 Replies to “Episode 89 – Charles Paisley – Another minister leaves the message”

  1. The Message World is a mess. I believe there are more problems than in any other religion. So many people were and are imprisoned in Message Sects. I feel sorry for them. I think every Message Minister should learn from those testimonies that people have that left the Message. Rather than discussing or cursing them. Also admitting that we don’t have an answer for everything. And bro. Branham made his mistakes. So we don’t have to defend him. But just to be influenced by the heart of the Message without fear. Without someone setting you under pressure. But this Message showed us the real heart of our Father. That he loves his children. His desire for us is greater than our desire for him. In that love we have to mature. May God help us as Message Believers to stay normal and in respect with every one. God bless You and thank you bro. Paisley for your words.

  2. I have been listening to you and John Collins YouTube.
    I listened to William branham since l was about 23. lm 63 years old . I studied scripture and message at same time ..l know the deeper side to
    the teaching. Aways
    praying for Jesus to lead me to him in truth 100%. I see
    so differently as of about 20 years ago free from any leadership my only leader Jesus the holy spirit Dove. William branham had so much he brought out Dove seals studying the Bible. People just as l see it didn’t want the only messiah Savior Jesus. .. but there is so much more to why he was sent in our day ..a big test ..so much about the true living Almighty God . Branham is all through the revelation of the Almighty ..the false makes the real shine like the firmament.. oh the scripture my Lord Jesus has showed me. I thank the lord for going through the denomination and message .. because my goal was always my Father Jesus my Almighty God to know him.. please call if you get free time
    Mary Brothers

  3. Hello. There are these 2 guys in the message, a pastor in the message always refer to them as very important persons. Can you please enlighten me about them, their roles, positions, background and significance?
    They are Dalton Bruce and Robert Lambert

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