Episode 4 – An interview with Pastor Jeff Jenkins (part 1)

Off The Shelf
Off The Shelf
Episode 4 - An interview with Pastor Jeff Jenkins (part 1)

Jeff Jenkins was the pastor of Believers Christian Fellowship (BCF) in Lima, Ohio for almost 34 years.  Pastor Jeff was a committed and fervent follower of William Branham but left the message and his church several years ago.  Rod Bergen interviews Pastor Jeff to discuss his background and how he came to his monumental decision to leave the message and the church he had pastored for almost three and a half decades.

Music – For the Sake of the Call  by Avalon, from their album – Another Time, Another Place: Timeless Christian Classics  – available on iTunes


14 Replies to “Episode 4 – An interview with Pastor Jeff Jenkins (part 1)”

  1. Thank you for doing this podcast. Since my brothers left the “Message” I have been extremely conflicted, confused and saddened; I am hoping that by listening to your podcast some of my many, many questions will be answered.

  2. whoever quit to follow this message its the same like to quit to recive eternal life,,,,,just like the prophet said….cowards.

  3. Hello Rod. Are you still doing these podcasts, or have they stopped? I’ve been trying to find an email address for you as well. Thanks very much for doing these.

    1. We are definitely still doing them. We had a glitch this morning that caused today’s podcast to be delayed by about 12 hours but it should now be accessible by everyone. I have your email and will send you a note so we can chat offline.



    1. We left because of sin in the church. And you have listened in rapt attention to a man that would have gone to prison for his crimes if he lived in your country. But perhaps, like most ministers in the message, you are oK with ministers that cover up the sexual abuse of a minor.

      So you are correct that we went out from you because we were not of you. You say nothing about terrible sin and neither to message ministers. We had to leave as we could not stand the sin.

  5. Hello Brother Jeff Jenkins, I have read your books and really enjoyed your encouragement especially in some of your works on the message of the hour. I really see that you have been deceived but that is not my point here. All you accused the message are really over exaggerated and unfortunate. You have not pointed out any concrete doctrine of the message that you really disagree with. I love your spirit for gently handing over the church to another christian preacher when you see yourself not ‘message’ enough. One thing I can assure you is that you won’t get any other message better than what you are leaving behind. May God help you is my prayer.

    1. It appears that you have never experienced sound Bible teaching if you believe that the message is the best there is. For a listing of over 90 areas where William Branham’s teaching disagreed with the Bible, please click here.

  6. God is so good that when I was searching for answers I stumbled upon this podcast.. it is easy to understand and all of the evidence one would need to know about whether the man behind the cult was honest or a liar is laid out before you in his own words.. We have choices God gave us free will. We can either accept or deny the truth we can’t have a little of both.. Therefore everyone who confesses Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father in heaven. Matthew 10:32 . Alll our confession needs to consist of is Jesus is the Son of God the Father and is seated at His right hand.. Jesus was not simply a man, He was born the Son Of God… something the Pharisees could not and would not accept or tolerate. I personally am thankful for the time you put into making this program possible and I continue to pray for the lost and misguided. God Bless you, your family and all that are seeking truth in such terrible times as these.

  7. I visited tics n in’79 with a friend from England we were young guys visiting Tucson tabernacle pastored by Peary green , we knew Lonny Jeff’s dad & went on a preaching trip with them in one of the motorhomes the church had for ministry as such, Jeff was a nice wide grin sort of lad then , however what most of the young people including him needed in that church was the baptism of the holy Ghost….
    They were saturated in the “message” but as a visitor from the UK & comming from a small fellowship that totally relied on the moving of the spirit ( no song leaders telling now we’ll sing Such & such etc …then the pastor gets up etc ….oh for goodness sake that’s not a holy Ghost meeting it’s ceremony & form , ) & I knew these kids haven’t a clue about the move of the spirit amongst themselves it was all hyrachicle structure ….definately not what the prophet tought ….hence the cherry picked edited & tayloured books “conduct order & doctrine” all of which is very convenient to keep the little pope’s in power…& Quench any move of the spirit that would come on a layman in the congregation …mate I saw it first hand & went back to the UK thinking oh yes the church in the states is certainly in a “state” ….what Jeff needs is a real experience of the holy Ghost not using a “nice guy” personality to conn people to think that’s the “spirit ” in your life.

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