Episode 16 – Meet Emily Arndt, missionary to Uganda (Part 1)

Off The Shelf
Off The Shelf
Episode 16 - Meet Emily Arndt, missionary to Uganda (Part 1)

Emily Arndt  grew up in the message in Wisconsin but never heard the good news of Jesus Christ until she was 21 years of age.  Emily became a veterinary technician and is currently living and serving with the Christian Veterinary Mission in Kampala, Uganda, East Africa. She is Assistant Clinician Facilitator in the surgical department of Uganda’s only veterinary college.

She works under a missionary veterinarian from the UK and also assists the Africa Center for Apologetics Research, who work to train believers for the defense of the faith, and mobilize Christians for the neglected but essential task of cult evangelism.

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5 Replies to “Episode 16 – Meet Emily Arndt, missionary to Uganda (Part 1)”

  1. I’m a message believer myself and I’m really proud of it. Thank God my prophet always told people not to be legalists. He always gave an example of Armenianism and Calvinism. One group believes in total legalism while one in grace. But the truth is in the middle.
    So Emily if your parents chose one extreme it’s their fault not the message. But at 21 God will hold you responsible not your parents.
    I agree with you that he said education and civilization is of the devil yet you really have to understand what he meant by that. After all you have to be in the spirit of the author to know what the author meant or else you’ll only see faults. It’s very unfortunate if some parents take it literally and not educate their children especially girls. Has your Bible told you that the letter killeth but the Spirit quickeneth? Same applies with the message. If you read it without the Spirit you’re done. And God will never excuse you for misunderstanding it.
    You have to stand on your own Emily and look away to Jesus.

    1. Phoebe, after 37 years in the message I left. Why? Because I came to realize that William Branham had visions that failed which, according to Deut 18:20-22, means he was a false prophet. I would rather be a follower of Jesus than of William Branham.

      We know that William Branham lied many times. But please don’t take our word for it. Be like the Bereans and search these things out to see if they are true. You can find the details here.

      1. With all due respects I mean no offence in what I say. I’ve been a msg beleivers for 32 yrs and there’s no looking back for me. On education the Prophet did say it was of the devil and it is true but none the less he never failed in sending his children to school. He also said I do not support ignorance. So those parents who kept their children away from school have erred but it is wrong to push their action onto the Prophet. I have three children and they have all attended College n some have their Masters in their field. TV we do not have one till date nor did any of us miss out on it. If one cannot see the message in the right perspective then it is their life. The Prophet was not a social preacher but he hit the nail on the head. If he could see through the Holy Bible how a woman should dress and carry herself why can’t the other so called denominatonal preachers see it?? I have visited quite a few denominational churches and I’ve seen how the women n men carry themselves and act too. The women with all their makeup and immodest apparel singing n dancing in their churches with short hair etc. Sad….how is that the Pastors do not correct them?? Why?? They are reading the same Holy Bible the prophet read. Do you want to say that whatever the Prophet spoke was to please his flesh and put the women down??? Infact he wanted us to come out of the dirty filthy lives we lived. And if anyone wants to find fault with the Prophet it is upto them and they wI’ll get their reward. The Prophet led a God fea ring life.

        1. Eva, do you believe that Deut 18:20-22 is applicable to William Branham? If so, then how can you follow a man that was so clearly in breach of this passage of scripture. There are multiple visions that failed. Please don’t take our word for it but like the Bereans search these things out to see if they are true. You can find the details here.

  2. All the Critics were not believers to begin with but like Dathan and Korah in the Ministry of Moses. In the entire Bible God has not had a greater ministry than that He had by William Branham. his vindication attests to this.

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