Episode 72 – The 2020 Debate (Part 6)

Off The Shelf
Off The Shelf
Episode 72 - The 2020 Debate (Part 6)

This is part 6 of our discussion with message pastor Jesse Smith regarding the status of William Branham as a prophet.  Jax Cox and Tim Kraus act as moderators. In this portion of our discussion, we deal with:

  • If William Branham’s teaching is correct, why do message followers display so little love for those who leave?
  • Why is the fruit of the message so bad?
  • Did William Branham have any valid prophecies?  Three prophecies are specifically considered:
    • First, the immoral condition of the church;
    • Second, that no greater ministry to the Gentiles would rise than William Branham; and
    • Third, that no denomination would ever break up and come back to the word.

These questions all focused around the agreed question for discussion:

William Branham is considered by his followers to be a prophet and, specifically, the messenger to the church of Laodicea (the fulfillment of Rev 3:14), the Elijah prophet (fulfilling Malachi4:5-6) and the angel of Revelation 10:7. Was William Branham who his followers say he is?

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The following is a transcript of part 6 of our discussion:

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