Episode 7 – An interview with the authors of Searching For Vindication (Part 2)

Off The Shelf
Off The Shelf
Episode 7 - An interview with the authors of Searching For Vindication (Part 2)

Join Rod and Bryan as they interview Joe and Anna Barone, the authors of the Searching For Vindication website.

In this the second part of the interview, Joe and Anna Barone discuss:

  • Overcoming the rejection and fear of the criticism of the research they undertook
  • The reasons for their initial anonymity and their eventually making their authorship public
  • The reasons behind their leaving the message:
    • Hope Branham’s obituary
    • The Pentecostal Tabernacle (later renamed as the Branham Tabernacle
    • Hope’s nurse
    • Doctrinal issues
  • Other outcomes of their research
    • Six Second Smith
    • The 1937 Flood and the pulpit at Braham Tabernacle
    • Unpublished research
      • William Branham’s status as a game warden
      • Future research
  • Current response to criticism of their research
  • What it means to be a true follower of Jesus

Referenced website – SearchingForVindication.com

Music – No Longer Slaves by Bethel Music, Jonathan David & Melissa Helser from We Will Not Be Shaken (Live) (2015) – View Album

4 Replies to “Episode 7 – An interview with the authors of Searching For Vindication (Part 2)”

  1. Once again this podcast has blessed my soul. I thank God for the efforts that are being put forth to enlighten people concerning the error of the message. We are seeing people set free from the less and deception of the teachings of William Branham. As was stated already he was nothing more than a good story teller. He was that but I don’t believe he was a good man.

    I thank the Lord that he set me free and Searching for vindication had a lot to do with that. GOOD BLESS, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

  2. The interview with Joe and Anna is amazing. After all this research, including each person (s) who have spent countless hours and years digging into the depths of questionable issues, we can only find ourselves staring at two possible conclusions:

    One: The revelation of Jesus Christ is only unveiled to a truly select few and completely discounts all logic, reasoning, intellect, validity, accountability, proof, integrity, and the fundamental ability to read or

    Two: The simple but exhaustive research testifies that the life and ministry of William Branham has been the greatest hoax, devised by Satan, to ever strike the earth.

    If number one is true, there is a God-being out there who is so cruel and vile to strategize the use of double-talk, contradiction, discrepancy, lies, inconsistencies, confusion, prejudice, fear, intimidation, and discrimination for the purpose of insuring the majority of humanity is lost and hopeless.

    The ideal message/rapture candidate must avoid all questions. They must become robotic and cancel out any and all tendencies to think and consider. They must refuse and ignore any and all human processes allowing for growth and progress. Rather, they must reduce themselves to the level of language and jargon demonstrated by WB and with total surrender never be enticed to make a choice to stray beyond the voice of God material.

    Additionally, one must see all humanity as potential enemies and non-elect should they refuse to accept the mandates I listed above as a message candidate.

    The message battlecry is “ignore all voices who would dare pose a question. Refuse to associate with inferior humans. Realize message followers are elite and beyond ridicule and scrutiny. Above all, regardless of outside voices and influences, remember only the elect will catch it because you do not have to understand it.

  3. Bro Joe and sis Anna, Thank you for the extensive research and sacrifices you guys made for the benefit of others and myself. The time, the money. Words can’t say how much I appreciate that!! God bless. Thank you also, bro Rod and bro Bryan for publishing all these things. May God strengthen us all as we come to true light.

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