Episode 21 – Jesus + Branham = ?

Off The Shelf
Off The Shelf
Episode 21 - Jesus + Branham = ?

What do you get when you add William Branham to Jesus?  Is it the Gospel that Paul preached?  Or is it something different?

William Branham stated that “the Word in the days of the apostles does not work in this day.”  Is that what Paul preached?

This podcast is part 3 in our summer series of short podcasts that we are calling “Summer Shorts”.   They will only be 4-5 minutes… just enough to get you thinking about something that you might not have thought about.   Some may be the two of them, while others may just be solo.

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2 Replies to “Episode 21 – Jesus + Branham = ?”

  1. No Sir….we believe that this message is only for the Bride that will be caught in the rapture before the tribulation. Amen!… But there were plenty of believers that Our Prophet spoke of and said they were filled with the Holy Ghost!

    1. I don’t think you truly understand what William Branham said.

      William Branham said in 1964 that “the Word in the days of the apostles does not work in this day.”

      But Paul said that “there are some who trouble you and want to distort the gospel of Christ. But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed.”

      And Jude tells us that “although I was very eager to write to you about our common salvation, I found it necessary to write appealing to you to contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints.”

      By pointing away from the work of Christ, William Branham distorted the Gospel. There is biblically no room for the message. If it is damnable and dangerous, then we need to flee, and for argument’s sake, if it is not accurate in its claims, and yet “harmless”, then there is no need for it to even exist. This is a hopeless conundrum for a message believer.

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