Episode 1 – Getting to know your hosts (Part 1)

Off The Shelf
Off The Shelf
Episode 1 - Getting to know your hosts (Part 1)

The first three episodes of the Off The Shelf podcast will be focused on introducing co-hosts Rod Bergen and Bryan Lynch.  Hosts Bryan Lynch and Rod Bergen talk about:

  1. Why are we doing a podcast?
  2. Where did the name “Off The Shelf” come from?

Then, Bryan interviews Rod about how he came into the message and what led him to leave Cloverdale Bibleway and the message after spending almost 40 years following William Branham.  Rod talks about the relationship of faith and doubt, the municipal bridge vision, conversations Rod had with Pearry Green and George Smith, Deuteronomy 18:20-22, fear in the message and his view of the message and those still in the message.

Music – Off The Shelf by The Brothers Bright from A Song Treasury (2012) – View More by This Artist

Referenced website – Power to Change

The Municipal Bridge Vision – click to access the related video and related article

12 Replies to “Episode 1 – Getting to know your hosts (Part 1)”

  1. It’s great to hear your testimonies and discussion concerning the fallacies of the alleged message of the hour AND this subject that was a doctrine in message churches. Also very encouraging to hear someone take up the challenge to prove what is the truth by Bible standards as opposed to blindly accepting the words of a proven false prophet and the message ministers who put the Bible on the shelf in order to “save face”. Thank you for your efforts to make this all known.

    1. Thanks, David! I am sure you will enjoy our future podcasts which will involve telling the story of others who have left the message.

  2. Love the Keller quote- “a faith without doubt is like a body without antibodies. ”

    The failure of the municipal bridge prophecy is enough in itself to immunize us against the many other falsehoods.

  3. Love the Keller thought “doubt is to faith as antibodies are to health.”

    The failure of the bridge prophecy should be sufficient immunization to make us question all of the message prophecies.

  4. Thank you thank you for this podcast!! Simple and honestly Rod, I had heard you where so arrogant in your strident stance but just listening to you give your testimony you truly are humble in the approach! I know that we here in Miami truly thank you for this podcast and the information. You should interview my dad.

    1. Thanks for your comment. It’s amazing when you try to do something to help people, how many stories that are completely untrue start to float around. Glad you enjoyed the podcast. We would love to interview your dad.

  5. I believe in ONE God, not a triune Godhead. God is indivisibly One. That’s what all of us Oneness Pentecostals believe. We also believe in baptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    But unfortunately, Brother Branham started to teach binitarianism. I was very sad to read that.
    However, my foundation is the doctrine of the apostles (Ephesians 2:20). It will always be. I used to be a trinitarian for around 12 years. But thank God, I was set free!!

    A lot of minor Message groups seem to be twisters of the Message, like those who claim that the rapture has already taken place, that polygamy is OK and that Branham was Jesus Christ.

  6. I sincerly believe if you were to live in the days of Paul you will not believe Him. Your research from failable documents & from fallen men are not enough reasons for me to accept you views concening God’s prophet William branham. in fact it should interest you to know that you are already a tool in satan’s hand. Note just like Gamelliah the teacher of the jews, i am saying: if your views are of GOD they will prosper, if not you may also end up unbelieving even your bible. if you reply to this email, i will send you more information to help you.

    1. Message followers often tell us – “You are wrong!” But they never actually examine the evidence we have provided. So please be specific in where we are wrong. Click here for our list of issues.

      It is actually message ministers, including Joseph Branham, who have pointed to errors in the Bible in an attempt to justify the errors in the message – see here

      I was in the message for almost 40 years, so I don’t need information about the message, I need you to prove that our evidence is wrong!

  7. Our brethren in the BIBLE said, “I don’t come to you with Enticing Words of Man! But I come to you in power and DEMONSTRATION” and “These Signs SHALL follow them that BELIEVE”!
    The Problem with ALL YOU SPINELESS JELLYFISH is that you ALL put your confidence in your pastors, priests and popes! That’s man worship! STOP worshipping Man and you won’t see the failures of Man! GOD STRICTLY PROHIBITS us to do that! It is BETTER to Trust in God (His Word).
    Every man and woman including our Father Abraham in the bible MADE FLESHLY MISTAKES! Therefore, do I Toss the Bible Aside? God forbid! We put aside all the foolishness of their humanity and we don’t major on that! Don’t be like those PHARASEE Fools debating after CALVARY, if the Virgin Mary really did have a Virgin Birth! BUNCH OF FOOLS! GOD DID send a prophet according to Malachi 4:5-6 and he was a man and YES HE WAS HUMAN. The FOOLS in the so-called “Message” that make him anything more than that is “Anti-Christ” and to Debate like a bunch of children is also “Anti-Christ”. You were ALL CAUGHT FOLLOWING your own MAN instead of being led by HIS SPIRIT! ALL YOU FOOLS DID THAT! To save face, now that the Rapture is upon us, almost ALL of the fools who desire to continue to hide that fact, like to major on trivialities! And MOST will Definitely miss the RAPTURE! It’s my sincere belief that FAITH is based on FOREGIVENESS and without much FORGIVENESS AND much REPENTANCE, one’s house CANNOT have a CAPSTONE of LOVE! Be blessed and with ALL DILIGENCE add to your FAITH by doing what Jesus Christ taught us to do when HE recited “The Our Father” prayer!

    1. So how do you deal with Deut 18:20-22? Numerous visions and Prophecies of WMB failed. Do we just ignore scripture?

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