Episode 56 – An interview with Cindy and Anna Bergen (Part 2)

Rod concludes the interview with his wife, Cindy and their daughter, Anna, regarding their experiences in the message and why they left.

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Music – Father and Daughter by Paul Simon from the album The Essential Paul Simon (2007) – Available on iTunes

One Reply to “Episode 56 – An interview with Cindy and Anna Bergen (Part 2)”

  1. Lovely!
    Id also add that your strong sense of family saw you through massive trial. You candidly talk about whatever hard issues at home. You came thru intact. Many don’t and a few families’ been devastated.

    My Take away from this podcast is to be open in the home; talk thru whatever issue. Don’t put it away on the shelf. It could save your family.

    God’s blessings

    Tony Masilamany

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