Episode 52 – An interview with Pastor James Manuel of South Africa (Part 3)

Rod continues his interview with former message pastor James Manuel of Cape Town, South Africa. James was in the message for almost 40 years.

Since leaving the message, James has embarked on a mission to expose the lies, deception, fraud and corruption in the message wherever and whenever he gets an opportunity.  He has challenged message ministers all over the world to prove the message correct and as a result has had some threaten his life.

James has stated that he is willing to publicly repent, recant and return to the message if anyone can convince him with hard evidence that his claims are false.  Likewise, if you fail to disprove what he claims, are you willing to turn your back on the message and follow the Lord Jesus Christ?

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3 Replies to “Episode 52 – An interview with Pastor James Manuel of South Africa (Part 3)”

  1. There are also a lot of divisions in the message that one assembly claims to have a better revelation than the other and they differ with this and that and each one proud over the other. This pionted out there is something really wrong. People are depressed ( i am one of those). Youth not interested.

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