What’s happening to Off The Shelf?

One of the most common phrases that people hear today is,  “I’m really busy.”  And that is exactly why I have not had the time to post any new episodes of Off The Shelf.

I am currently leading a large Canadian charity, Power to Change, which is taking up all of my time.  I still try to spend some time with my family and, up until recently, have also had time to spend in putting together episodes of Off The Shelf.

However, because I have been traveling almost 75% of the time since July 1 of this year, the time I can put into the Off The Shelf podcast has suffered (because it is important that I spend time with my wife, kids and grandkids).

I still intend to put together the final episode with Jay Cox, but after that, I will be doing Off The Shelf podcasts on an irregular basis – when I have the time and a good person to interview.

I am sorry that this may be a disappointment to some but a person can only do so many things.  I spend the majority of my time empowering people at Power to Change to help people know Jesus and experience his power to change the world.  Unfortunately, between that and my family I don’t have a lot of extra time and Off The Shelf has suffered as a result.

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Off The Shelf has moved to a monthly format

I want to share with you a significant change in our podcast .

The Off The Shelf podcast is something I do in my spare time, primarily on weekends.  It was born out of a love for those who are still in the message and for those who have left the message but still have a lot of questions.

But what many of our listeners aren’t aware of is that most of my time is spent with Power to Change, the Canadian affiliate of Campus Crusade for Christ International.  

The mission of Power to Change is to help people know Jesus and experience his power to change the world.  We have 11 ministries which include our Student ministry, Athletes in Action, FamilyLife, LeaderImpact, our humanitarian arm, the Global Aid Network (or GAIN), Christian Embassy, Connecting Streams, DRIME, the Women’s Heart Engaging Network, or WHEN, our women’s ministry, The Life Project and the Jesus Film Church Planting Strategy.

I think you can imagine that this takes virtually all of my time and, as a result, the Off The Shelf podcast will be going from a once a week format to once a month.  I would love to continue this on a weekly basis but I simply do not have the time.

I appreciate all of the emails that have come in and all of the comments that have appeared on the website.  

Please pray that God would continue to help us reach those in the message as well as non-Christians around the world with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

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