Episode 60 – An interview with message follower C. Jay Cox (Part 4)

Listen to Jay Cox, a message follower, in a conversation with Rod Bergen, a former message believer.  In this conclusion of their interview,, they discuss why someone should follow William Branham and the status is of those who do not follow William Branham.  

Other topics referred to in the interview:

Nik Ripken – The Insanity of God

Dallas Willard – Postmodern Holiness

Music – Blues composition from Band-in-a-Box (Rod Bergen)

One Reply to “Episode 60 – An interview with message follower C. Jay Cox (Part 4)”

  1. Good on you Jay for coming on.

    Rod, if I may, next time, give the guest more time to talk so they can fully answer your questions. At times it felt like you interrupted quite a bit. But your valid arguments were not satisfied by jay, unfortunately. He gave no clear answers. Jay will need to do an objective research and post it online.

    God bless the both of you.

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