Episode 35 – Interview with John Collins, author of the Seek The Truth website

In this episode, Rod talks to John Collins, author of the Seek The Truth website and grandson of Willard Collins, the former pastor of Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, Indiana.  John is also the author of two books, “Stone Mountain to Dallas: The Untold Story of Roy Elonza Davis” and “Jim Jones – The Malachi 4 Elijah Prophecy”.

In this episode, John talks about, among other things:

  • Growing up in the message (followers of William Branham refer to themselves as being “in the message”).
  • How is being born into the message different from those who came into the message later in life?
  • Is the message a cult?
  • His recent interview on CBC Radio regarding the message street preachers in London, Ontario;
  • Are people in the “Message” isolated? 
  • The sub-cults of the message.

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Music – Questions by Matt Redman from Glory Song (2017) – available from Amazon

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